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Food Intolerances

As someone who suffers badly from an intolerance to cow's milk, Sarah knows how difficult it can be to find a wide selection of food suitable to buy if you have a food intolerance. However as someone who loves cooking, she also knows how easy it can be to use alternatives in recipes or make things without those ingredients.

All Tregunter preserves use ingredients which are free from cow's milk, lactose and wheat and are suitable for someone with an intolerance to these, as well as to a variety of other food intolerances. Tregunter cannot however guarantee that they are suitable for someone with a full allergy, especially if they suffer from anaphylactic shock, or are particularly sensitive to an ingredient. This is because Sarah lives in a house that includes people who do not have any food intolerances, therefore milk and wheat are present in different areas of the kitchen, so it may be possible for traces to exist within Tregunter preserves.

Whilst the preserves are all wheat free, some of the chutneys do contain gluten as they are made with malt vinegar (made from barley). Tregunter's aim is to ensure that everything is gluten free in the future, however a reliable local source of gluten free malt vinegar is yet to be found.

Below are links to tables for each category of the full Tregunter range of preserves (including those only available at market events or specific stockists) showing what they contain based on 11 of the most common food intolernances. Please note that rather than indicate what they are free from (as most things would have ticks), they illustrate when they contain a particular ingredient. If you have an intolerance not listed, please contact us and Sarah will give you specific information relevant to you and then update the tables on this site.

Please click on the categories below to see the relevant intolernances information: