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Tregunter also offers a range of hampers which are most commonly made to order with a range of jars of your choosing, however you are also able to select from pre-made hampers. The hampers come in three main sizes, small, medium and large, and can be made for as little as £20 or as much as £45 depending on the number and size of jars included. The main varieties of hampers you can choose from are:


  • Create your own
  • A mixture of preserves from across the full Tregunter range including jams, jellies, chutneys, marmalades, curds
  • A selection of jams
  • A selection of chutneys
  • A selection of all mini jars
  • A selection of marmalades (small hampers only)
  • A selection of jellies (small hampers only)
  • A selection of curds (small hamper only)
  • A selection that go well with cheeses (small hampers only)


The hampers can be collected direct from Tregunter, at any market event, or can be posted via courier. When posting is requested, each hamper costs £7.95 for postal charges as they are boxed individually to ensure safe arrival with you.


Please click on the types of hampers below, or if you would like further information on a made to order hamper or you belong to a company and would like to enquire about our corporate offers for hampers, pelase contact Tregunter via email:

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