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Please browse the full range of Tregunter homemade chutneys; varying from hot and spicy, to sweet and mild. The majority are vegetable based but some are fruit and others, such as the tomato and apple chutney, are a wonderful combination.

All these homemade chutneys have a shelf-life of at least a year from when they are made, and the flavours improve with age, with most chutneys best left for at least 8 weeks after making before they are opened, to allow the flavours to mature.

Some chutneys such as the pumpkin and ginger are very seasonal, so once sold out that’s unfortunately it until the next time the vegetable is in season.

All Tregunter homemade chutneys you see are dairy and wheat free, with the majority being gluten free. Please see the food intolerances page for further details.

TThere are 4 sizes of each type of chutney available; mini (45g), 135g, 225g and 350g. To find out more about each of the homemade chutney and to select the size you wish to purchase, click on the picture, the name, or the "Buy" button below the price.

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