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Ginger Preserves Gift Pack

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Ginger Preserves Gift Pack

A gift pack of three, four or five mini (45g) or 135g jars of ginger based preserves from the Tregunter range.

The gift packs are made up from a selection of:

  • Marrow & Ginger Jam
  • Rhubarb & Ginger Jam
  • Ginger Curd
  • Ginger Orange Marmalade


All you need to do is select whether you would like to have three, four or five jars (five jars are only possible if a flavour is chosen more than once), and whether you want mini (45g) jars or 135g jars, from the drop down menu below. To help you with your decision, the prices for each size of pack are:


  • 3 x 45g jars = £3.95
  • 4 x 45g jars = £4.95
  • 5 x 45g jars = £5.95
  • 3 x 135g jars = £7.95
  • 4 x 135g jars = £10.50
  • 5 x 135g jars = £12.95


If you would like a specific ginger based preserve included in your pack, please add this to the text box below.

For information about each type of ginger based preserve, please see the individual products listed in the Jams, Marmalades and Chutneys sections.


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