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Small Oval Basket

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Small Oval Basket

Tregunter's small oval gift baskets can be purchased either from the selections below or by creating your own. Each are available in two different styles, as follows, and are great to give as a present, for special occasions, or as a thank you to someone.


Style A  contains  3 x 135g jars and 2 x 45g jars (as per the photo), costing £12.50

Style B  contains  6 x 45g jars, costing £9.50


The different selections of preserves you can choose from in the drop down list below are:


  • Create your own
  • A mixture from across the full range of Tregunter preserves
  • A selection of jams
  • A selection of chutneys
  • A selection of marmalades
  • A selection of jellies (Style A only)
  • A selection that go well with cheeses
  • A chilli selection (preserves containing chilli of varying heats)


Create Your Own Basket

The "create your own" baskets can include any preserves from across our range that you select yourself.  To opt for a "create your own" basket, simply select the "create your own" option for style A or style B from the drop down list below and type the preserves that you would like included in the basket in the text box below. For style A, please remember you state which flavuors you wish to be the 135g jars and which flavours for the 45g jars


Product Options:

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Price: £9.50


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